Conference Presentations by Nigel Schmalkuche

As-a-Service Summit - 22 February 2017 - Sydney

Facilitated a discussion on the creation of cloud strategies and adoption frameworks

Australian Digital Government Summit - 25 July 2017 - Sydney

Chaired the event and had the pleasure to introduce the Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation NSW

Australian Government Cloud Summit - 26 July 2017 - Sydney

Presentation on Mitigating Security Risks by developing a Cloud Assurance Framework

Australian Government Cloud Summit - 27 July 2017 - Sydney

Facilitated workshop on Cloud Assurance Checklists and Assessments and led discussions on cloud experiences

Managing Cloud Series - 19 September 2017 - Brisbane

Presentation on building business confidence in moving to cloud services including lessons learned and how to develop cloud adoption and assurance frameworks

Australian Digital Government Summit - 2 August 2018 - Sydney

Facilitated a workshop to develop a data driven government strategic architecture